BGMEA, Oerlikon intend to collaborate on capacity building in MMF and recycling

BGMEA Directors Arshad Jamal (Dipu), Asif Ashraf, Tanvir Ahmed, Barrister Vidiya Amrit Khan, Mijanur Rahman, and Neela Hosna Ara were also present at the meeting.

They discussed possible collaboration between BGMEA and Oerlikon in supporting garment factories to build up their capacity in manufacturing high-end products made of manmade fiber (MMF). 

They also talked about market potential of using polyester, nylon and polypropylene yarns in producing value-added apparels in Bangladesh.

The meeting also focused on collaboration to enhance the capacity of recycling textile waste in Bangladesh to make the country a global hub of recycling.

BGMEA President Faruque Hassan said that Bangladesh was seeking the next level of growth with value-added products, especially by shifting more towards based garments while emphasis was also being laid on technology upgradation to enhance efficiency and productivity. 

Bangladesh was giving special importance to developing the recycling capacity in the country with the collaboration and partnership with global initiatives and companies specialized in recycling industry, he added.

He said Bangladesh had aimed to pursue a higher growth vision through diversifying textile material from cotton to non-cotton as the demand for those goods were growing all over the world due to their durability, sustainability and functionality. 

Bangladeshi garments factories were increasingly investing in scaling up their capabilities in manufacturing high-end apparels and capturing and reusing textile waste, he added.

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