We improvise our designs in conceptualization of the current trends and a visualization of the future.

Quality Control

Our focused and well trained QA teams are working in every key check point of the manufacturing stages to attain the customers required quality standards. Starting from sample approval to the final production stages, our QCs are always monitoring and supervising the factory people. To achieve the stiff target of attaining the high standards, we allocate individual QA teams for individual clients, working around the clock in every factory we produce at.

These teams at the factories are centrally monitored and regulated by the QA department stationed at DR TEX LTD office on a daily basis. Consequently, our efficient quality control system has enabled us to meet the AQL standards set by the clients.

In order to better ourselves, we have developed a chain of procedures to ensure our required standards are met to maximize production and minimize wastage. And this also ensures on time shipment according to plan.

Understanding the customers’ quality requirements.

Organizing & training quality control department.

Ensuring proper flow of quality requirements to the QC department.

Ensuring proper flow of quality requirements to the Production Department.

Establishing quality plans, parameters, inspection systems, frequency, sampling techniques etc.

Inspection, testing, measurements as per plan.

Record deviations

Feedback to Production Department.

Plan for further improvement.

We push ourselves to the limit to make sure that the chain of procedures mentioned above are followed every time for every order.


Our well-trained and capable teams of merchandisers are working around the clock to give our customers all the support they need. Starting from procurement stage of yarn, fabric, lab-dips, hand-looms, trims till the finished products are shipped.

We have all kinds of test facilities in Bangladesh.

We have 9 stuffs in merchandising team, divided in to 3 divisions in  Our office to attain our valued customers.


With more then 30 production stuffs, our monthly export is over 10,00,000 pcs of sweaters. All the factories are around Dhaka and always in communication with Us.


We have our own services to support a smooth transportation of raw material and shipping goods to ports and we’re well experienced in shipping mode such as sea and air.